Social Committee 

The Social Committee is responsible for putting together all our social EA activities.  The Social Committee works closely with the Air District in planning our summer picnic and children's holiday party.   

Meet and Confer Committee 

The Meet and Confer Committee is comprised of four members and designated alternate for each member.  The purpose of the M&C Committee is to study and make recommendations on working conditions, employee-employer relations and other matters, including but not limited recommendations on wages, benefits, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.  

Archive Committee 

The Archive Committee is responsible for maintaining and documenting the history of the EA.  In addition, the archive committee has also taken the role of maintaining EA surplus and supplies from various EA activities.    

By-Laws Committee 

The By-laws Committee is responsible for reviewing the Constitution & By-laws of the Association to determine if changes are needed.  

Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee oversees and conducts audits of Board activity.   

Nominating Committee 

The Nominating Committee solicits nominations and prepares a slate of consenting candidates for each office who are subject to election by membership.    The Nominating Committee shall receive all announcements of candidates and nominations from membership and submit the complete listing of candidates and their qualifications to the EA Board of Directors for approval.