The EA's Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is:

  1. To assist in the maintenance of the higher standards of public service.
  2. To improve the wages, hours and working conditions of its members.
  3. To represent its members as a bargaining unit on all matters affecting the welfare of the members, including but not limited to wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.
  4. To unite all employees who are members of the Association for the purpose of maintaining, protecting and advancing their interest, both individually and as a group; and to foster and advocate professional competency and proficiency of its members.
  5. To foster a better understanding and cooperation between the Association and the District.

- from the BAAQMD Employees Association Constitution, adopted April 2007



What is the EA?

The BAAQMD Employees Association (the EA) was formed in 1973 by a group of concerned employees who believed that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District needed a viable employees organization. On announcing the formation of the EA, the founding members stated:

“The District Employees Association will have as its principal aim the advancement of all interests affecting the welfare of District employees, including but not limited to wages, promotional opportunities, job security and fringe benefits. Other specific aims of the Association will be to improve communication among District employees relevant to District decisions and policies, to promote intelligent cooperation between the Association and the Bay Area Air Pollution District and to assist in the maintenance of the highest standards of public services.”


Who are members of the EA?

Membership is open to any full or limited term employee of the District, except those recognized by the District as Management and Confidential employees, and elected and appointed members of the Boards and Councils of the BAAQMD.


Do I have to join the EA?

No, joining the EA is voluntary. Here is why you should join:

  • Help protect rights and working conditions at the District.
  • Develop leadership skills through active involvement.
  • Learn more about the EA and how the District operates.
  • Have a say in the decisions and direction of the EA.
  • Meet and develop friendships and community with other EA members. EA events, committees and meetings are great ways to meet your colleagues that you would not otherwise get the opportunity to get to know.


When are EA meetings?

General Membership (GM) meetings are held once a quarter.  These meetings are held in the 7th Floor Board room or in a rented room at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  GM meetings are usually at noon and sometimes lunch is served.

EA Board meetings are generally held at the District Office at noon, and last approximately one hour. Board meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted, Board meetings are open to all members.

Committee meetings are held as needed. Contact the Committee Chair for specifics.


I am already a member. How can I get more involved in the EA?

The EA depends on the active involvement of the membership. This is your union, and it needs your help.

Here are several ways you can become more involved in your professional organization.

  1. Join an EA committee. There are several committees in the EA.  Contact your Stewart to find out more. 

  2. Volunteer to help with at an event (for example, the annual picnic, prep for, set up, or clean up for a general membership meeting, organize a food drive or other community enrichment event, take photos at a District event, purchase door prizes for general membership meetings, organize a happy hour after work hours…)

For more information or to volunteer, please contact a Committee Chair or the EA Board President.


How do I know if I am represented by the EA?

All full or limited term District employees are represented by the EA, except those recognized by the District as Management and Confidential employees.

When you receive your first paystub from the District, if you are represented by the EA, you will see that dues are subtracted from your paycheck. Congratulations! You are a represented employee!

You can also officially join the EA by submitting the membership form.  Please contact any member of the Board to get the form.

Note that officially joining the EA is not required to be represented by the EA. By submitting the membership form, you agree to comply with and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, the Association By-Laws and any amendments and the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Association in accordance with the By-Laws.